Winter Wedding Cliches To Avoid

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Your wedding is more than just a ceremony in which you marry the love of your life. It’s a day that is about expressing yourselves as a couple declaring the feelings you have for one another to the world. You want this day to be uniquely you, but it can be overwhelming to plan a personalized wedding when there are so many trends out there that can’t help but affect you. If you are hoping to have a romantic winter wedding, here are a few cliches to avoid during the wedding planning process. Don’t Choose a Red and Green Color Palette Everyone automatically thinks of the holiday season when they think of winter, and we see enough red and green at this time of year. You don’t want your wedding to look like the annual Christmas party. Instead, opt for colors the complement the season but that also are distinct. Perhaps ivory, pale blue, and hints of chocolate brown would be a better choice for a winter wedding. Avoid Iconic Images in Wedding Decor According to Urban Times, the worst thing you can do when planning a wedding for the winter is use seasonal symbols that are seen time and time again. Avoid snowflakes and Christmas bells on your wedding invitations and on the decor at the reception. Instead use bare tree branches with crystals hanging off them for your centerpieces. Think about incorporating pearls throughout the event. You may find that evergreen boughs add a touch of whimsy without making your winter wedding look the same as every other event that month. Do Not Use Fake Snow Under Any Circumstances Maybe you are having a winter wedding in a mild climate, or maybe you think it might be cute to add snow to your indoor decor. Stop right there! SheFinds states that fake snow is one of the worst wedding cliche mistakes that winter brides make. The fake snow will come across as cheesy, and the bottom line is, it’s been done before — a lot. Instead, use sprays of baby’s breath or lace accents in order to add a touch of winter “accents” to your wedding day. Skip the Fur Stole Many winter brides imagine themselves in their gorgeous wedding gown on a chilly January day with fresh-fallen snow on the ground. Perhaps they will carry a bouquet of red roses for contrast and wear something special to keep them warm. While adding an accessory to help you keep warm is practical, it’s important to create a look that is your own. The fur stole has been used too many times by winter brides and, quite frankly, the look is old. SheFinds recommends wearing a white, silk pashmina or a classy lace bolero jacket to help you stay warm while you take those gorgeous outdoor photos. Don’t Overdo the Photos in the Snow We know you’ve seen the images on Pinterest — the beautiful bride and groom posing in the snow looking perfectly warm and cozy. Spending a little time outside taking photos in the winter wonderland is okay, but you don’t want to ruin your wedding photos with red noses and cheeks! Find gorgeous indoor locations for you and your new hubby to pose. Your pictures will turn out better, and everyone will be more comfortable! You can still wow your friends and family with your winter wedding without falling into the trap of stale cliches that have been used for decades. You can still capture the perfect winter ambience without making everyone feel like they’re having a bad case of déjà vu. This day is about you and your husband, not the temperature outside or the symbols of the season. Use these elements to draw inspiration, but try to step outside the box while planning the wedding of your dreams…that just happens to take place during the winter.

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