Wedding Trends We’re Sure To See In 2014

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Experts are all weighing in on what the hottest trend of 2014 weddings will be and the consensus is romance. Think vintage, classic, and chivalry. Picture following the footsteps of Great Gatsby or Downton Abbey. In this post, we’re highlighting a number of wedding trends you can expect to see in 2014.

Hottest color: Pink. Not hot pink but more of a soft pink. Nudes, peaches, blushes all with a tinge of pink will be gracing the aisles and reception tables.

Formality returns: Big glamorous weddings will be the in thing with black tie not optional. More brides this year will be seen wearing formal white gloves. Ushers dressed in suits with tails, formal gold rimmed place settings, and big bands will highlight these proper occasions. Think roaring ‘20s and you will be right on track.

Lush romantic flowers: Undoubtedly the peony will be the top flower of the year. The multi petal bloom will not only grace reception centerpieces but will also be a beautiful, often used, hair adornment. Peonies can be quite costly out of season so other multi petal romantic flowers such as double tulips and garden roses will abound.

Vintage wedding dresses: Gone are the years of large ball gown dresses. Brides this year will be looking at the by weddings of the past for their inspiration. Dresses in this year’s hot color (soft pink) will be quite popular as will dresses draped with lace. Long dramatic cathedral length veils will also be popular for ceremonies. Watch for fancy embellishments though such as crystal or fine beadwork.

Family style dining at the reception: Buffets and table service are being passed up in favor of family style dinner. Entire reception tables will be served on large platters or bowls for them to pass and share. This wonderful new option will encourage familiarity and closeness amongst your tables.

The cake: Cakes will continue to be the centerpiece of the reception. They will tend toward the traditional multilayered affairs of the past few years but feature more simplicity. Most will still be in white and ivory or other neutral tones. Classic monograms will be quite popular. Flavors will have a tendency to follow the season with fresh fruits more present in the summer and lush spices being featured in the fall.

Reception food: Spicy is the theme. Brides are looking to Latin America and the Caribbean for their reception menu inspiration. The ever popular sriracha will be highlighted extensively as will spicy chili oil and jerk spices.

Music: For the most part brides will be looking to their location for the inspiration for their music this year. If you are hosting a fancy affair after the ‘20s, big band music will certainly be in order. Having your wedding in France? Look to the locals for inspiration. A wedding in Louisiana might feature the blues or jazz instead.

Wedding favors: This year brides will be skipping a table of gifts for the guests to take home and instead opting for little treats or presents sent directly to their guests hotel rooms. Scones the morning after the wedding or turn down service after the reception including milk and cookies will be the fun twists on the classic favors this year. If you opt not to sneak a treat into their room the other two popular trends will be donations to charity made in your guests name or edible treats such as macaroons or petit fours.

Cocktail hour: Another part of this year that will be largely driven by seasonality will be the cocktail hour. In the winter you will find spicy whiskey and bourbon-laced drinks. In the spring think gin and fresh citrus juices or ginger and hibiscus in a fine vodka. Summer will be all about the fresh fruits such as rhubarb, blueberry or strawberry garnish cocktails. Fall drinks will feature bubbles be it from sparkling wine or soda.

Photography: Also taking a trip back to the traditional are wedding pictures. Trash the dress sessions are so two years ago and now we will be seeing the return of formal posed wedding portraits. Southern style bridal pictures are all the fashion.

Candid pictures: Photo booths will still be a popular reception staple this coming year. Look for both the classic county fair style photo booth that produces the strip of pictures and the photographer run backdrop photobooth with a box of props. Either way your guests are guaranteed to have a blast. Just make sure they get a copy of the pictures too.

Regardless of what you choose your wedding day will be a perfectly reflection of you and your new spouse. Congrats!

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