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textAll your life, you have dreamed of a spring wedding. It’s the perfect time to celebrate your new marriage, as spring often symbolizes new hope and new life. As the tiny green buds begin to form on the trees and the tulips bloom once again, you will be walking down the aisle to the love of your life. But first you have to start the process of planning your spring wedding. Here are some themes to inspire and delight your springtime sensibilities.

An Orchid Wedding

Choosing one particular bloom as a theme for your wedding can help you create a theme while also incorporating the glory of the spring season into your big day. According to one popular spring wedding theme Pinterest board, the orchid is the perfect theme for a spring wedding. Orchids come in shades of bright purple and pink, making them a wonderful choice for a bubbly bride that is beaming with personality. Bridesmaid dresses can be matched with these hues, and the orchid flower can be incorporated into centerpieces, paper products and, of course, bouquets.

Vintage Chic

Imagine the wedding that your grandmother planned, rich with ornate and now bygone styling and embellishment — many of those unique details are coming back into popularity again. Carry this theme out by creating vintage inspiration boards for your wedding planning scrapbook. Choose a tea-length dress or a small rose bouquet. Instead of a long cathedral veil, opt for a birdcage veil that gives you the appearance of a glamorous bride. Bird cages, pearls and lace are all ideal details to incorporate into your event. Neutral tones help to create a vintage atmosphere that cannot be topped.

Dusty Blue Wedding

Dusty, pale blue is the perfect color choice for any spring wedding. If you are the type of bride who wants to keep the theme simple and go with a color to base the entire wedding about, this might be the perfect hue for you. Bridal Guide notes that pale blue bridesmaid dresses look wonderful when paired with bright pink flowers in the bouquet. This gives the right amount of contrast and color, and is perfect for a spring wedding. Extend the theme after the wedding by having dusty blue thank you notes designed to send to your guests after you return from your honeymoon.


Blushing Bride

For demur tone which is perfect for the early spring months, go with a blush-themed wedding. Rose gold is trending for jewelry, and can be incorporated in many different ways into your wedding ceremony and reception. Make sure all of your chairs and tables don rose gold linens, and provide your bridesmaids with rose gold jewelry to wear. The Knot recommends that you contrast this natural-looking hue with shades of ivory and teal to create the perfect palette for your day. You may even opt for a blush wedding gown instead of a traditional white ball gown.

All Things Green

If you are every bit the eco-friendly bride, then you probably know that spring is the perfect season for you to wed. A green-themed wedding doesn’t literally have to be based around the color, instead it can be more of an attitude. Use organic fruits in order to accent the wedding cake, and create all of the paper products from sustainable recycled paper. Your wedding favors could consist of seeds for a future garden, and of course you will want to have a plethora of fresh flowers at your party in order to enhance the natural atmosphere of the event.

The Neutral Party

Sometimes the best way to accent your spring wedding is by choosing to go with a lack of color for your big day. A neutral wedding will be elegant and classic, and will never appear out of style. Choose a bridesmaid dress in a desirable neutral tone, such as champagne or grey. You may even choose a wedding gown that is ivory rather than white in order to better complement your best girlfriends. While you will want to remain neutral for most of the planning, you should add pops of color in order to add some personality and style into your big event. A bright, bold color that shows up every once in a while will certainly make a statement.

Cherry Blossom Nuptials

One of the most stunning displays of spring beauty is when the cherry blossoms bloom each year. If you’re having a spring wedding, this may be the best theme to pay homage to this natural masterpiece that arrives annually. When scouring the Internet for wedding planning ideas, look for unique ways to incorporate the cherry blossom into your big day. You may add a cherry blossom design to your wedding cake, or perhaps it will be the focal point of your invitations. Either way, you should make it known that this is the theme of your wedding day.


Parisian Night

Create an international affair at your spring wedding — choose a Paris theme for your nuptials. Use he Eiffel Tower in your centerpieces and create a color palette that is truly French — think black, pale pink and shades of lavender. Offer French pastries for dessert instead of the traditional wedding cake, or send home your guests with delectable and colorful macarons. Of course, a wedding dress by a French designer is the perfect way to complete your spring wedding theme.

At the end of the day, you will want to use your best wedding resources for inspiration — such as Wedbuddy and Pinterest — but you want to plan a spring wedding that uniquely expresses who you are and tells the story of the love you have for your future spouse. Your wedding day should be about your own individual tastes and desires, and does not have to reflect what is popular, trending or being broadcast on the best wedding reality TV shows. Talk over these various themes with your future groom and decide which spring theme will be the best option for the biggest day of your life.

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