Wedding Speeches: The Dos and Don’ts

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toastYour wedding day is one that will be filled with memories you and your spouse will share and discuss for many years to come. It’s a special day where you’re both surrounded by people you know and love. You’re not only basking in the glow of your love for each other, but the love of so many others.
Speeches are one of the many ways you have to express your thanks to the people who have come together to celebrate your special day as well as give them an opportunity to share their love for the two of you.
Before you go forward and start making your big plans for speeches, you should carefully consider the dos and don’ts listed below. These helpful hints can help you avoid making a few unfortunate speech faux pas on your wedding day.

Dos and Don’ts for Maintaining Order

It would be great if everyone who attends your wedding could be allowed an open opportunity to tell the world why they believe you’re such a wonderful person—in theory. The reality though is that it has the opportunity to get extremely painful very quickly and you probably have a honeymoon to get to.
With that in mind, these dos and don’ts need to be major considerations when inviting specific people to give speeches at your wedding reception.
Do take wedding photos before the speeches are made. No one wants to touch up makeup right before photos. Get them out of the way before the speeches to reduce the risk of major makeup malfunctions.
Do establish limits on the amount of time per speech and the number of speeches allowed.
Do create a list for the DJ or coordinator to have detailing who is to speak and at what time (or portion of the reception) each person should speak.
Don’t take speeches too seriously. Most people see this is an opportunity to show their love for you and get in a little good ribbing as you leave the single life behind. Laugh a little. It’s all in good fun.

Dos and Don’ts for the Bride and Groom

Some tips work wonderfully for the bride and groom collectively while others are best to single out. These are a few that you should both consider when writing your wedding speeches to each other and your guests.
Do practice your speech out loud. It might be out of character for you, but the more often you practice out loud, the calmer you’ll feel about it during the main event. You’re going to be nervous on your wedding day. If you’ve practiced often enough, your speech will roll off your tongue effortless, in spite of your nerves.
Do thank everyone for their efforts to attend, for their love and support over the years, and for being important parts of your lives—past, present, and future.
Don’t neglect the important task of writing it down. Not only do you want to have a copy in hand to help calm your nerves, but you also want to have a written copy to keep as a memento of your wedding day. Years from now, you can reread the words you wrote for each other, to each other.
Don’t wait until the last minute. Not only do you need time to practice your speech, but you also want to avoid deep dark circles under your eyes that result from staying up all night before your wedding to finish writing your speech.

For the Bride
Do bring your own tissue…and some to share. Despite your best efforts and intentions to keep things light, wedding speeches are often extremely sentimental. Expect serious waterworks.

For the Groom
Do make her fall a little more in love with you. It’s a tall order and you will have the rest of your lives together to find new ways to make her fall in love with you every day, but your wedding speech is a time when you can really make her heart melt for you once and for all. Make your speech one she’ll remember during the inevitable ups and downs that come in life.

Dos and Don’ts for Guests Who are Asked to Speak

These tips will help you, as an honored guest of the bride and/or groom, deliver a speech that will be the perfect complement to the occasion.
Do keep it short. Other people are speaking and there is the whole honeymoon thing. Seriously, though, while you want to honor the person who means so much to you, you also want to respect the constraints of time, other guests’ patience, and your own memory.
Do make it a light-hearted speech. Tears are par for the course at weddings, and even happy speeches earn a few choice tears, but avoid getting too sentimental in your speech for the sake of all involved.
Do make your speech as memorable as the people you’re celebrating.
Do bring along a written copy in case of nerves or excessive celebration gets the best of you.
Don’t forget to practice in front of a mirror ahead of time. This helps you perfect your delivery.
Don’t go over the time limit. It’s just the nice thing to do when there is limited time and unlimited love from other guests to share.
While there are no hard and fast rules for making spectacular wedding speeches, these dos and don’ts will certainly help with yours.
To view some touching, humorous, memorable, and heartwarming wedding speech videos, take a look at the collection that the Wedding Speech Guru provides on Pinterest.

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