What Type of Romantic Are You?

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At the end of the day, your wedding is about one thing and one thing only: the romantic journey between you and the love of your life. It signifies the path you took in order to get to the aisle, and it previews the lifetime that will follow after you both say “I do.” A romantic wedding motif is about as classic as they come, but this tried-and-true theme never goes out of style when you infuse it with your own unique and personalized touch!

Define the Day with a Timeless Gown

As the bride, it’s up to you to set the tone for your wedding day. If classic romance is the mood that you want to convey, start by choosing a gown that defines this style. Soft, flowing fabrics like silk and tulle are perfect for a romantic wedding. You’ll want a dress that appears elegant and regal, and flows behind you as you gracefully walk toward your new husband at the end of the aisle. Bridal Guide suggests choosing a fit-and-flare dress, as this style looks modern and romantic at the same time.

Set the Mood with Candle Light

When you think of a romantic setting, cozy alcoves and a candlelit ambience come to mind. Creating this atmosphere at your wedding will achieve a breathtakingly romantic theme. Borrowed and Blue notes that candles add the perfect touch to any wedding, and a candelabra makes a fitting and affordable centerpiece. Ensure that every table at the reception has some type of candle on it — be it tea lights or tapers in hurricane lamps. This soft mood lighting will set the tone for your wedding day, and everyone will be touched by the romance in the air.

Choose Breathtaking Blooms

Flowers are the epitome of romance, and no wedding is complete without bouquets, loose petals, sprays, and corsages. If you are going for a classic take on the romantic theme, you may opt for simple roses with bursts of baby’s breath. Or perhaps you want more casual-yet-elegant floral displays, in which case choose pale pink peonies for your bridal bouquet as well as in the centerpieces. By selecting flowers that are in season in your particular region, you will be able to save money without compromising on the quality of your floral arrangements.

Remember That Romance Is In the Details

As with your own relationship, the real romance is in the details. Perhaps your future spouse leaves you little love notes in your purse, or maybe he sends your favorite flowers to your office just to say he’s thinking about you. Add these same types of romantic touches to the details of your wedding day, beginning with the color palette. White, peach, pale pink, lavender, and of course red are all perfect colors for a romantic wedding. A vintage barrette that belonged to your grandmother is a wonderful replacement for a traditional veil, not to mention the “something old” element of your ceremony. Decorate the entrance of the venue with gauzy curtains and hanging lanterns. Tie a length of ribbon to your bridal bouquet for an extra sweet touch. Scatter flower petals along the sides of the aisle. Unleash your creativity when planning the details of your ideal wedding!

Opt for Candid Photos Throughout Your Wedding

Ultimately, your wedding day is about the love you share with your new husband. Instead of taking those traditionally-posed photos immediately after the ceremony, simply go for a walk on the beach or in a park with your husband and act as natural as possible. Tell your photographer that you want candid pictures taken throughout your wedding that truly showcase your feelings for one another and the details of this blissful day. These photos will reveal the genuine adoration between you two, and will allow you to remember your wedding day exactly as it was — a beautiful and romantic affair that touched the hearts of all your guests.

If you have always been a hopeless romantic who tears up at the movies and swoons at happily-ever-after endings, then you should definitely plan your special day to be as romantic as you are. This may be a classic theme, but when you discover what type of romantic you are, you can incorporate your own personal flavor into every aspect of the day.

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