Say No to “Platinum Weddings”

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a man putting the wedding ring on his brides finger during a cerMoney is no object to create an extravagant wedding…but what does the perfect wedding look like to you? Maybe it’s a fairy tale event that ensures you look and feel like a princess. Your big day may involve hundreds of guests and the most exotic venue. Or perhaps you want a destination wedding that includes a reception that’s the party of the century. You may dream that out of all the arranged marriages, yours will result in true love at first sight.

No matter how often you dream about your wedding day, it probably won’t turn out exactly like your imagination. And it definitely won’t look like the dramatic “Platinum Wedding” events you see on TV.

That’s because no matter how hard you try, accidents happen, equipment fails and money runs out. However, your day can still be the best one of your life. Instead of allowing your fantasies to take over your day and steal your joy, set realistic goals that personalize this special day you’ll share with your beloved and all your family and friends.

Plan the Wedding of YOUR Dreams

Are you trying to imitate someone else’s special day? Your wedding day is one experience that happens only once in a lifetime, and you deserve to plan and enjoy a day that’s unique to your personality, interests and style.

Of course, you can adapt elements of someone else’s wedding that you like, including the hors d’oeuvres served at your friend’s wedding last year or the edible wedding favors you found at The Knot.

Don’t try to be someone else, though. Be you and plan the dress, flowers, colors, decor and food and party that fits the dreams you and your fiancé have for your big day.

Set a Realistic Budget

Have you figured out your wedding budget? Television weddings are designed to be over the top as they compete for ratings and fans. Plus, those shows and reality stars often have a practically unlimited budget.

Not only is it realistic, but a wedding budget lowers stress and starts your marriage off on solid financial footing! Instead of accruing debt from the expensive decor or extravagant caviar, set a realistic budget.

Now, before you feel distressed about everything you’ll miss because of your limited budget, remember that you can still have a great day even if you don’t spend a fortune. The following suggestions are just a few that help you enjoy an amazing wedding while keeping your budget intact.

  • Instead of hiring a professional videographer, photographer or caterer, ask talented family members or friends to help out. Use the money you save for a dream luxury like a beautiful dress or exotic reception food.
  • Grow your own flowers with tips from Brides Village and create customized bouquets for far less than the cost of professional flowers.
  • Buy a secondhand dress or a more affordable white bridesmaid or prom dress to save money on a gown you’ll only wear once.
  • Serve wedding cupcakes instead of an elaborate and expensive cake.
  • Splurge on a band if that’s what you want and save money by hosting a dessert reception instead of a full-blown meal.


Work as a Team

Have you dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl? Most brides have all the details of their wedding planned, down to the tiniest detail like nail polish color and the first dance song. However, remember that you’re part of a team now.

Your wedding day isn’t just about what the you as the bride wants. It’s also an important day for your fiancé too. So, work as a team to pull off the event that starts the rest of your lives. Together, you will plan and execute a wedding day that you will both enjoy and fondly remember for years to come.

Even if he could care less about how the flowers are arranged, or if the reception chairs have matching fabric covers, or the design of your thank you notes — find out what he does care about. Maybe he’s passionate about the venue location, reception entertainment or where you’ll go for your honeymoon. Prioritize planning your wedding day as a team, and enjoy the process of creating an event that matches your lifestyle and includes both of your preferences.

Let Go of Expectations

In your fantasy, does your wedding day go off without a hitch? During “Platinum Weddings,” every hair is in place and guests behave perfectly, the ceremonies start on time, and nothing is ever spilled. Unfortunately, those expectations are unrealistic.

You’ll enjoy your day more and feel less stress when you let go of your wedding expectations. Accept that something may go wrong, and bring your sense of humor. So your hair doesn’t look perfect, the icing on the cake melts or the signature cocktail doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Relax, let it slide and appreciate the quirks that make your day unique to you.

A wedding day comes once in a lifetime. Instead of recreating a Platinum Wedding, plan a unique day that fits you. With your budget in mind and realistic expectations, work as a team with your fiancé to create a memorable day that launches the rest of your lives. It might not look like TV’s “Platinum Weddings”, but it will be perfect for you.

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