Most Popular Places For Destination Weddings

June 25, 2014 • Tips For Brides, Wedding Resources, Wedding Venues • Views: 2403

Destination weddings allow couples to say “I do” in far-away romantic locations surrounded by family members and friends. These nontraditional weddings often include the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon and fun activities for the couple and invited guests. Choices range from a talcum-powdered beach, a setting with picturesque mountains or within a botanical blooming garden. The romantic locations and style of ceremony for destination weddings are endless, from lavish to simple; it’s all up to the couple—it’s your preference and your budget.

Choose a large wedding with as many as 200 guests or intimate wedding celebrations with just a few family members and friends. Spend quality time with guests in a romantic setting over the course of three to four days. Or plan the event over the course of a weekend. The time you spend with guests ensures fond memories for years to come. In addition, destination weddings are generally less costly for a couple than conventional celebrations, as guests pay for their own accommodations and travel. Use a wedding consultant, a banquet planner or a hotel’s concierge to help plan your event. Often, these specialists help plan an itinerary of activities that both the couple and guests can do together, such as snorkeling or learning how to dance the hula.



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