Most Outrageous Celebrity Weddings

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Celebrities are certainly different from all the rest of us, and one of the times when this can be most evident is when they marry. They don’t typically go for the classic wedding ceremony: With access to virtually unlimited cash and connections in the highest places, these celebs can pull off a wedding day that will be remembered for not just the duration of their own lives, but everyone else’s lives as well. Keep reading to learn about the three most over-the-top celebrity weddings in the last few years.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim K and Kanye West, better known as “Kimye,” were friends first and then fell madly in love. Their love story largely played out in the public eye, since both were already stars in their own right. When two mega-celebs unite in wedded bliss, the result is an estimated $12 million extravaganza that might be thought over the top by even the wealthiest of people. A few of the amazing details:
Pre-wedding, guests stayed in the five-star George V in Paris. Rates run $750 per night, minimum. Guests were then flown to Florence where they were at either the St. Regis or the Four Seasons ($885 per night minimum.) Total hotel cost for the 200 or so guests could easily top half a million bucks.
The wedding was held in a stunning fortress in Florence, Italy. The cost of the rental? A wedding at Forte di Belvedere will set you back $410,000.
Kim’s wedding dress was Givenchy Haute Couture and featured pearls, lace, and a stunning cathedral-length veil. Its cost is estimated in the $500,000 range. Daughter North West was outfitted in a tiny matching dress, cost unknown. Kim’s shoes were stunning Balmain heels that cost around $40,000. Kanye was also outfitted in Givenchy Haute Couture.
Kimye couldn’t settle for simple flowers: They had a 20-foot-tall wall of stunning blooms including tuberose and roses. The wedding flowers were estimated to cost $136,000.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting are a pair of celebs who believe in acting fast when the time is right: They dated for only around six months prior to the marriage (they were engaged in three months!) They seem to make a perfect pair, though, as was evidenced in their January 2014 wedding. A few details:
Kaley wore a stunning petal-pink color Vera Wang ball gown with a matching pink veil. The designer custom made the gown for her. Estimated cost: At least $10,000, if not much more.
The spectacular wedding took place at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California, which boasts jaw-dropping mountain views.
The entertainment was truly unique: The “Fire and Ice” theme ceremony had wild entertainment including a fire juggler!
The ceremony was spread over four different tents, one of which even had a pink top to match the bride’s gown.
The cake, like many other aspects of the ceremony, was truly unique: It was six tiers and was mounted upside down on a chandelier dangling from the ceiling. The cake was created to act as an extension of the chandelier above it, with stunning results. Kaley had to get the help of three people to cut the cake!

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto, a model, married in a lavish 2013 ceremony that cost an estimated $10 million. The pair met in 2008 and dated steadily in the intervening years, living together starting in 2009. Jordan’s goal with the ceremony was said to be “making all her dreams come true,” and he certainly seems to have done so in high style at their Palm Beach, Florida, wedding:
The bride wore a custom-made couture gown with a cathedral length train, made by J’Aton Couture. Rumors place similar gowns in the $50,000 range.
The wedding ceremony for about 300 people was attended by A-list athletes including Tiger Woods, Scottie Pippen, and Patrick Ewing.
The reception for 1,500 people had superstar entertainment in the form of Robin Thicke and Usher, who both sang live.
The reception tent took place at high-end Bears Club, where guests mingled in a 44,000 foot tent.
The wedding cake was a majestic looking seven layer confection in white rum flavor. It was adorned with sparkling crystal brooches which echoed the Swarovski crystals on the bride’s gown.
The reception decor included thousands of candles and a profusion of white flowers including roses, lilies, and peonies.
While celebrities certainly have the funds and the connections to do virtually anything they want for their big day, one thing that is always constant, even in these over-the-top celeb spectacles, is individuality. Every celebrity strives to make their ceremony unique to them—and this is something you can do too, even if your budget is limited! Don’t be shy about adding those touches that really tell the unique love story that you and your fiancee have made together. It will make your wedding not only unique, but also incredibly memorable for everyone in attendance.

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