The Indispensable Wedding Day Checklist

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bride in wedding gown preparing for the ceremony

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Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. There will be laughter, hugs, kisses and maybe even tears. But it can also be super stressful. One of the biggest causes for stress that we’ve noticed is some brides don’t have a proper timeline to keep things organized and running smoothly. Feel free to print out the following checklist and hand it to your Maid of honor or your Wedding Day coordinator so they can keep you on time and focused while you enjoy your day!

On the night before your wedding, try to relax as much as possible, invite some friends or family over, have a glass of wine, a good dinner, laughs and hit the sack early! You’ll have a very big, jam packed day and you want to be well rested.
Time Event
9:00 AM Have breakfast
Grab your travel bag dress, (makeup), shoes.
10:00 AM The bridesmaids should be with you now.
Photo/Videographer & Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist arrive
Hair time & preparation photos.
11:00 AM Have a small snack to keep your blood sugar level up.
Bridesmaids should be having their hair done while your make-up is being applied.
Preparation images for the groom & groomsmen.
12:00 PM All hair and make-up should be done now.
Get into your dress.
This might be a time to give your bridesmaids their presents.
Portrait time for the bride and her bridesmaids, plus any family members who are present.
As everyone else is getting ready to leave for the ceremony, have a quiet few moments alone with your Dad, Mom or closest friend.
1:00 PM Groom, best man and ushers arrive at the ceremony.
Welcome guests (your siblings/cousins can take this task)
2:00 PM Bridesmaids arrive at the ceremony, shortly followed by the bride and her father.
3:00 PM It’s show time! All eyes will be on the bride and groom.
4:00 PM Guests arrive at the reception venue for cocktails and aperitifs.
If all elements allow, stop by at your hotel room for a quick touch-up, and a moment to breath.
5:00 PM Let the party begin!
Guests head from the cocktail hour into the reception and find their seats.
Dinner is served. The emcee asks guests to take their seats.
6:00 PM Your emcee begins introducing the wedding party, starting with your parents.
Speeches! A welcome speech or a blessing.
7:00 PM The music volume starts to increase gradually to get people who finished their meals out onto the dance floor.
First dance.
The father-daughter dance, which is followed by the mother-son dance. Mother-son dances.
A dance set begins with more upbeat songs to entice most guests out of their seats.
A couple of slow songs play.
Back to more upbeat songs.
Start greeting guests!
8:00 PM The cake cutting.
Some mid-paced songs play as cake is served so guests can dance if they want.
Guests are seated for cake.
The cake cutting
Cake is passed around
The final dance set plays
The last dance
9:00 PM – … Happily Ever After

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