Honeymoons on a Budget

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While planning your wedding, you’re undoubtedly doing everything you can to make it absolutely perfect. Virtually every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding, after all! You may have started the planning with stars in your eyes and big dreams, but then started to think you may have to cut back a bit on some aspects of the ceremony.

Actually, you don’t need to cut your ceremony down to the bare bones if you’d rather not. You can cut costs in one other area that you may haven’t even thought about so far: the honeymoon! You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon in high style today. There are a plethora of great honeymoon ideas that are both inviting and inexpensive. Keep reading for the top six budget honeymoon ideas today.

Groupon Deals

Groupon has some amazing and inexpensive all-inclusive trips in their “Groupon Getaways” section. Choose from honeymoons as diverse as resorts in Puerto Rico, bed and breakfast stays in New Orleans, or trips to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

These trips are often very heavily discounted, so you can usually save anywhere from 20 % to 50 % off (maybe even more.)

Camping in Style

Do you have a national park that allows camping within driving distance? The majestic beauty of the national park system is undisputed, and it’s often neglected as a honeymoon destination. The national parks typically have very low fees for camping and since you’re driving you’ll save on airfare.

A romantic camping adventure in nature is an excellent way to get your wedded life off to a great start. You’ll get a high degree of privacy, and you can bring along many of the comforts of home (pillows, soft blankets to cuddle up in) to make the trip cozy and fun.

Weekend of Luxury

If you’re really more interested in quality than quantity, you might just love a decadent his-and-hers spa weekend. Spas are much more than just a “chick thing” today: It’s not at all unusual for the top-end spas to offer dual massages for honeymoon couples, for example.

Spa resorts also have plenty of decadent and delightful activities to enjoy. Take a dip in the whirlpool, wander the beautiful grounds, and indulge in the light but incredibly tasty spa food in between pampering sessions.

While this option would normally cost a bit more than the others due to the degree of service required, consider how many amazing memories you can build together in a secluded luxury weekend like this. Keeping the honeymoon to three days or so means you’ll just have a very rich experience, even though it’s not long.

Foreign Countries

You might assume that traveling to another country would kill your budget, but don’t forget about Mexico and Canada as honeymoon destinations. Both offer tons of natural beauty, lots of tourist activities, and excellent pricing since the U.S. dollar is typically strong in these places.

If you and your fiance enjoy the warm weather, Mexico is probably the ideal choice: More exotic than the beaches in the U.S. and foreign enough to make you really feel like you’re away from home. Canada might be your best bet for beautiful (often snowy) landscapes and great outdoor sports.

The Amish Experience

If you want a honeymoon that is quiet, unhurried, and still beautiful, you might love a Pennsylvania Dutch country honeymoon. Bed and breakfasts in Lancaster County area offer cozy accommodations, expansive breakfasts, and plenty of advice on what to see in Amish country.

You’ll find lots to do, including checking out the local crafts and art scene, taking cozy horse-drawn buggy rides, and even taking tours of working Amish farms. For a super romantic start to the honeymoon, consider a hot air balloon ride, a very popular local attraction.

Theme Park Fun

If you and your fiance both love theme parks, but you haven’t considered it for your honeymoon due to cost, it’s time to reconsider. While Disney Land and Disney World are more expensive, you can still get some excellent package deals for theme park honeymoons (even including airfare) if you work through an online travel broker.

If you’re willing to branch out a bit you might enjoy some lesser-known theme parks like Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. This area of Tennessee has stunning natural scenery and plenty of tourist activities, but has somehow managed to appear totally unspoiled.

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