How To Find A Life-Long Hobby You and Your Significant Other Can Do Together

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There are many components required for a successful relationship. Besides the obvious—physical attraction and a healthy sex life—you should enjoy spending time with your significant other. Perhaps you have common career goals, or share a love of adventure and travel. Or maybe you have completely different interests that actually help fuel your connection—opposites can attract, after all. Either way, you should make an effort to develop a hobby that you can do together to strengthen and bond your relationship for years to come.

Step 1: Figure Out What You Are Both Passionate About

Start the process by having a conversation about the things you enjoy or the activities you’ve always wanted to try. You may be surprised to discover the interests and passions of your significant other! CNN recommends taking a personality quiz to learn which activities suit each of you best, and this is a great way to decide what hobby to pursue together. Many couples, especially long-term, can make the mistake of assuming they know everything about the other person, so this is a good opportunity to learn new things about your sweetie and keep the relationship fresh.

Step 2: Test-Drive Different Activities

Once you’ve both made a list of your current interests plus those things you’d like to try, schedule a new adventure each weekend, or as often as your schedules permit. One weekend you could catch an old movie at the local repertory theater, and another weekend could be devoted to taking a wine tasting class and then hitting the vineyards. After you have explored a variety of potential hobbies, you’ll naturally find yourselves talking about and gravitating towards one or two, and before you know it, you’ll be expert vintners! Fat Wallet is a great place to get ideas, as it lists many budget-friendly activities that couples can try together, including ballroom dancing, rock climbing, joining a sports team, photography, or volunteering.

Step 3: Plan a Date Night To Talk About Your Adventures

Once you have tried a handful of new activities together, plan a romantic evening out on the town – perhaps at that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to check out! Spend the evening chatting about your recent explorations, admitting which activities you enjoyed and which just didn’t feel right. Together, you can zero in on those hobbies that excited both of you and pursue them with more intensity.

Step 4: Make an Effort to Like The Other’s Hobbies

Perhaps your significant other is a big movie buff, but you just can’t seem to enjoy sitting quietly for two hours in the dark when there are mountains waiting to be hiked out there! Still, you should make an effort to be attentive to your partner’s interests the same way you would want them to appreciate yours. According to Good Housekeeping, loving your spouse’s hobbies – or at least being supportive of them – will relieve stress between the two of you and help you learn more about each other. The bottom line is, you are not going to agree on every hobby, and you’ll each have different activities that you are passionate about, but if it makes your honey happy, then it can’t be a bad thing.

Step 5: Narrow It Down To Just One or Two Hobbies

Now it’s time to choose the hobby or hobbies that you will enjoy together. You don’t have to commit 110 percent of your relationship to these new activities, but rather allow these interests to grow along with your relationship. If you have chosen to take up cooking together, perhaps start by registering for weekly lessons. Then, move on to crafting a delicious menu at least once a week. Before you know it, cooking will simply be a part of who you are as a couple. It will be something that you can fall back on during the rough patches.

Step 6: Document Your Fun and Watch Your Love Grow

When you discover a new interest or activity to bond over together, you may find that many other aspects of your relationship grow and change for the better. A recent Psychology Today article shows that “couples who sweat together, stay together,” so after a fun day at the beach or cycling along a new trail, don’t be surprised when your physical attraction for each other is heightened. And even if your hobby is not physical, having a shared interest gives you something new to talk about.

Ultimately, you want your significant other to be more than just your lover. When you take the time to develop a new hobby with this special person, your love will grow exponentially and you will benefit in more ways than one. Your relationship will be stronger and you will have set the foundation for a lifetime of love, happiness and laughter together.


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