An Elegant Wedding That Won’t Break The Bank

November 26, 2014 • Tips For Brides, Wedding Themes, Wedding Trends • Views: 155960

There is a timeless elegance to the black-and-white wedding. This color combination gives an air of symmetry, style, and beauty while also creating an ideal atmosphere for a formal event. A black-and-white theme makes it easy to match everything while also providing a beautiful backdrop for well-placed splashes of color. Here are some tips for planning a classic monochrome wedding that won’t break the bank.

Bridal Dress

For many brides, finding the perfect wedding dress can feel like the high point of the preparation stage, a singular moment of realization that this wedding is going to be spectacular. With the typical bridal dress costing thousands of dollars, however, trying to find an affordable option can be stressful. The Budget Fashionista recommends keeping the following points in mind when searching for the right gown:

  • Don’t write off consignment stores—you can discover hidden gems that have only been worn once, and often for about 50 percent off the sticker price.
  • Borrow a dress from a family member, such as your mother or grandmother.
  • Shop online, particularly if you have plenty of time to exchange the dress if need be.
  • Look for gowns outside of the ‘bridal’ section; gorgeous white dresses can be found without the marking up that goes along with the ‘wedding’ label.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

An added benefit of a black-and-white theme is that it is very easy to match black dresses, even when they come from different shops or are different styles. Bridal parties should consider going to the non-bridal section of a store to find stunning cocktail or formal gowns. Keep an eye out for sales or try your hand at second-hand stores for these dresses.


One of the easiest things in the world to find is black shoes! There is no need to worry about finding the right shade to match the rest of the decor. You can find classy styles at great prices online, at consignment shops, or at regular stores on sale. The bonus is that you will definitely wear these pumps long after the wedding is over.
Brides who have their hearts set on using fresh flowers have many choices, as buying seasonal blooms will bring down costs, and with a black-and-white wedding your color options are endless. Red roses really pop against a black-and-white background, but don’t limit yourself: think about dark pink peonies, aqua roses or turquoise lilies (which could also be your “something blue”), or fall-themed bouquets such as orange tulips or dahlias.

Consider reducing the number of flowers needed by using the wedding party bouquets and ceremony flowers as decorations for the reception. Brides can also buy flowers wholesale and personally arrange them.


Cakes are priced per slice, and many wedding cakes can be $3-$5 or more per slice. To reduce costs, the wedding couple can opt for a more modest cake as the ceremonial centerpiece and larger sheet cakes that are cut in the kitchen and served individually to the guests. It can also be good savings practices to go with more traditional buttercream frostings over specialty fondants.

Venue and Decorations

Venues are often one of the bigger expenses of a wedding. The Budget Savvy Bride recommends finding a place that allows wedding parties to do their own decorations. Shop around for decorations that add to the elegance of the evening. Suggestions on The Smart Bride Boutique include candelabras, crystal garlands, and candles.

Place Settings and Linens

Supplying linens personally can help reduce costs associated with the venue, and The Budget Savvy Bride advocates searching wedding classified sites to find sets of linens and chair sashes. After your wedding, you can resell any linens and sashes that are still in good shape to another budget-friendly bride. Similarly, hunt for sales on classy plastic place settings to elegantly adorn the table without going broke.

A black-and-white wedding is a stunning theme that will make your entire event look formal and fantastic. It is also a theme that easily lends itself to budget-saving suggestions. If you keep these ideas in mind, you’ll have a ball planning the perfect day and still have plenty of money left for your honeymoon!

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