What Comes After ‘I Do’?: How To Handle Wedding Aftermath

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Photo Credit: phulay-bay.com/Honeymoon

Photo Credit: phulay-bay.com

From the moment the love of your life pops the question, your mind is on one thing and one thing alone: planning your wedding. This is the moment you have been waiting for—your chance to buy the dress of your dreams, choose the fairytale venue, and marry the man you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with. But once you’ve said your vows, walked down the aisle, and danced the night away with your family and friends, then what?

It’s important to prepare yourself for life after “I Do” because a lot changes when you are no longer preoccupied with selecting a photographer or tasting cakes or sending flowers back. Here are a few tips about how to handle the wedding aftermath:

What Can I Expect On Our Honeymoon?

  • Lots of sex! This is your honeymoon, remember? You may still be in high-octane mood from months of intense wedding preparations, so it’s important to let down your hair and your inhibitions, and enjoy the spontaneity of being a newly married couple.
  • Plan a trip that you will both take pleasure in, according to Style Me Pretty. If the two of you are the outdoor types, perhaps a trip that involves hiking and biking is the best choice. If you both prefer to spend your time in the sun and sand with a cool drink in hand, then a tropical honeymoon is the vacation for you. If you love culture and travel, choose a new destination and embark on your first post-wedding adventure together.
  • Most importantly, relax and enjoy your time with your new husband. This is a chance for you to bask in the blissful period between the magic of your wedding and the reality of getting back to your daily schedules. It is a time when you can truly focus on your marriage and on each other.


What Are the Post-Wedding Blues and How Can I Deal With Them?

  • The post-wedding blues is a common phenomenon, especially among brides. It is only natural to feel slightly down about the fact that this once-in-a-lifetime event is over and that reality is staring you in the eye now. While it can be anticlimactic to come down from your wedding, it’s important not to become consumed by the post-wedding blues and instead find joy in the fact that you are beginning a new life with your spouse.
  • You can always combat this melancholy by reliving your wedding day, as stated in Get Wed. You can check out the Facebook posts and Instagram updates that your family and friends uploaded of your wedding day. You can flip through your wedding photos or watch your video whenever you feel down about the fact that it is over. This is a fun activity to do with your spouse and gives you the chance to experience those special moments all over again.
  • A good way to feel better is to remind yourself about all the stress that came with the wedding planning process! It’s easy to look back on the past with rose-colored lenses, but not every detail of your big day was filled with joy. There were plenty of moments of exasperation when you exclaimed that you couldn’t wait for the wedding to be over. Now that it is, take pleasure in the fact that you don’t have to worry about vendor deposits, whiny bridesmaids, and missing caterers.


What Can I Expect During the First Year of Marriage?

  • You can expect both joy and heartache during the first year. There are going to be moments where you are so blissfully in love that you can’t imagine spending another moment away from your spouse. Romance will be in the air, and there will likely be an abundance of spontaneous sex. At the same time, you will probably have arguments, misunderstandings, and frustrations along the way. Perhaps an unexpected house expense will come up or you will simply miss the mark when it comes to communicating. Power through these tough times and remember that the first year is usually the most difficult as you settle in to a new life with a new person.
  • Dealing with your first major fight after you get married can be tricky. You may feel frustrated that your spouse doesn’t see things your way, and you may not know how to communicate properly after the fact. According to Dr. Phil, the best way to manage this argument is to talk about it calmly, maturely, and honestly. After the heat of the moment has passed, take some time to decompress and return to your spouse, willing to work it out. And remember, make-up sex is half the fun….
  • Spend the first year creating a foundation for your marriage. Wake up each morning and try to make it a better day for your spouse than it was the day before. Talk about your feelings, discuss your future plans, and don’t forget to have fun together. Set the stage for the rest of your life.

It’s easy to become consumed by the process of planning your wedding. Not only is this an exciting time of your life, but it’s an important event and it requires all your effort to execute it with style and ease. However, the big day will arrive and within 24 short hours, it will all be over. Many newly betrothed couples are often left thinking: “What’s next?” Your wedding day may be over, but your marriage has just begun—and that’s something to be excited about.


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