8 Things Every Couple Should Register For But Don’t

December 3, 2014 • Tips For Brides, Tips for Wedding Registry • Views: 3779

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Dishes and blenders and irons, oh my! It seems like every wedding registry has the same items, just different colors. But will you actually use an iron? And do you really need several sets of dishes? Maybe the answer is yes, but if not, doesn’t it make sense to include things you really do want? Your wedding registry is the one opportunity to have other people purchase things for your home (unless you live in the White House, of course), so it behooves you to help them spend their money wisely.

So now that we’ve got that settled, let’s help you come up with a list of important goodies for you and your new hubby’s home. In the bliss leading up to your wedding, you’re probably not thinking of vacuum cleaners and power drills, so here is a list of eight things that every couple should register for but don’t:

Power Drill

You probably already have the basic tools, like a hammer and a screwdriver, but if you don’t have a power drill, how are you going to hang all those great, framed pictures of your wedding? Add this item to your registry to ensure future household tasks don’t fall by the wayside because you can’t justify going out and buying a power drill for one task.

Stand-Up Mixer

If you’re a baker, or at least envision yourself whipping up mouth-watering sweets at some point in the future, then you need to put a stand-up mixer on your list, pronto. If it seems like a frivolous purchase, take a look at The Kitchn’s list of 25 kitchen items you can replace with this baby.

Vacuum Cleaner

No, it’s not very exciting to think about dirty, dusty carpets when you’re setting up your registry, but it is a necessary part of life, so you should at least think about this. If you’re used to a cheap vacuum where you find yourself manually picking up all the bits it left in its wake, no wonder you avoid this household task. You need to put a powerful vacuum cleaner like this Dyson on your list, because a good vacuum cleaner can make a big difference in your willingness to actually do this task. Now, if they would just hurry up and make a cute robot who will vacuum your house all by itself….

Coffee Maker

If either you or your fiancé enjoys a morning cup of joe, then a coffee maker is a must. While you can always choose one of the basic versions with a programming option, you might want to opt for a Keurig instead. The Budget Savvy Bride loves it because it only brews one cup at a time so you don’t waste anything—and it does so in a matter of seconds. Why is this important? Because this handy gadget is sure to prevent arguments about who forgot to set up the coffee machine the night before.

Slow Cooker

While we are on the subject of preventing arguments, you may as well add a slow cooker to your registry. Wake up, throw a heap of ingredients into it, and by the time you and hubby get home from work there will be a piping-hot meal ready to enjoy. Say goodbye to the dance of “whose turn is it to cook tonight”! And think of what you could do with all that extra time….

Picture Frames

Since you will probably spend a small fortune on a quality photographer for your big day—as you should—you are definitely going to need something in which to hang all those stunning (if you do say so yourself) wedding photographs. Not only that, but as life progresses (pets, babies, special occasions, exotic vacation mishaps), you’ll need a frame more often than you realize. Since your loved ones are footing the bill, don’t be shy about choosing some beautiful and creative frames.

Recreational Items

What is something you and your fiancé love to do together? (No, not that.) Perhaps you enjoy camping, boating, swing dancing, or roller blading. If so, make sure to put some related gear on your registry. You know you’ve had your eye on that spacious 6-person tent at REI or traditional his-and-hers swing dance outfits. And anything that keeps you and your spouse spending fun, quality time together is a winner in our book!


There’s no rule that says you can only register for tangible items or gift cards. With the help of Honeyfund, you can encourage your guests to donate the amount of money they would have spent on your gift to go towards your honeymoon. You get an unforgettable trip and they feel good knowing that their money went to something truly wonderful for you and your new husband.

Creating a registry is your chance in the wedding planning process to set up your future home with practical items or small tokens of beauty, all perfectly suited to the new couple. If you choose things with day-to-day life in mind, then not only will your married life be easier, but you also won’t have to deal with a closet full of unused wedding gifts. Double win!

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