7 Surprises That Will Make Your Fiancé’s Day

July 28, 2014 • Tips For Brides • Views: 3811

a-romantic_dinner-998405Planning for a wedding takes a toll on everyone involved. Even if you feel like you’re doing most of the work yourself, chances are that your fiancé is also stressing about the big day. Keep the romance alive and help him relax with one of these unexpected surprises.

1. Make a candlelight dinner.
With all of the talk about flowers, bridesmaid dresses and caterers, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of your wedding and forget about the feelings that brought you to your groom in the first place. Remind him how much he means to you by planning a romantic candlelight dinner with his favorite food, wine and dessert. During dinner, do your best to avoid discussing the wedding and focus instead on topics related to your relationship and your future together.

2. Take him to a game.
If your man is into sports, consider surprising him by taking him to see his top team play. Get some good seats, put on a jersey for support and let your hair down a little to show him that you know how to have fun even during stressful times. While at the game, do your best to match his enthusiasm, even if sports aren’t your favorite thing.

3. Go on a picnic.
Wedding planning can significantly cut into the quality time you spend together as a couple. Get back to basics by spending the day together outside. Depending on your style, you can make this day as casual or as elegant as you like. Pack the lunch of your choice and take it on a nature hike, a boat or just a trip to your local park. If the weather permits, you can even make your picnic a prelude to an evening under the stars.

4. Plan a boys’ night.
Sometimes the best thing you can do to help your man relax is allow him to unwind with his buddies. Plan a surprise boys’ night by getting in contact with your fiancé’s friends and scheduling an outing they can all attend. Whether it’s a trip to their favorite sports bar, a ballgame or a fishing trip, just make sure the activity is something your future husband and his friends will enjoy.

5. Bring him lunch at work.
A thoughtful gesture from you can go a long way toward reassuring your fiancé and keeping the relationship strong. To remind him of how much you care, consider stopping by your fiancé’s workplace to drop off his favorite lunch. Before planning this surprise, it may be wise to call ahead and make sure your man isn’t in a meeting, extremely busy or out to lunch with his coworkers.

6. Do an unexpected chore.
Could your fiancé’s car use a scrubbing? If so, taking it through the car wash for him is a great way to surprise your man and show him that he is still at the top of your mind. You can also surprise your guy by cleaning his house, doing the laundry or buying groceries. Not only will this surprise make your fiancé’s day, but it will also give him more free time to spend with you.

7. Join him in an activity.
No matter how much you love your future spouse, you may not love everything he does for fun. Forget your own wants and needs for a day and join him in his favorite pastime. Regardless of whether it’s golf, fishing or gaming, just do your best to participate without complaint. After the activity is over, consider finishing the day at his favorite restaurant or by cooking his favorite meal at home.
When it comes to surprising your fiancé, you are the best judge of what he would prefer. Use one of these ideas, combine two suggestions or come up with your own plan altogether. The most important thing to remember is to make the surprise all about your guy, not about the wedding.

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