6 Ways You Can Include Your Children in Your Ceremony

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Photo Credit: Basketmakr on Etsy

Photo Credit: Basketmakr on Etsy

Weddings aren’t just for adults, you know. When children are part of your family, you can’t very well keep them out of the wedding ceremony. The role of the flower girl and ring bearer only go so far. To really make your wedding into the special day that it is, you need to come up with creative ways to incorporate the children of your life into your wedding.

There are all sorts of creative ways that you can make children an active part of the wedding ceremony, from special performances to unique jobs and venues that really accommodate the interests and needs of children.

6 Creative Ways to Bring Children into the Ceremony

When planning your wedding, think about what sort of role you’d like children to play in your ceremony. The most successful weddings are well planned, so think ahead to consider the needs of each member of your family, and the type of activities and roles that the kids are best suited for.

When was the last time you saw your children willingly stand still and quiet for a full hour? It probably hasn’t happened in a long time. This is why jobs like the flower-girl, ring bearer and junior bridesmaid just aren’t ideal. If you aren’t planning ahead, then you might end up with crying, screaming, running and other forms of chaos that will detract from the beauty of the wedding day.

Instead of entering a situation where the kids might cause damage or distraction, find ways to make them front and center during the ceremony. After all, the ceremony is marking a big change in their lives, too.

Here are 6 creative ways that bride’s have brought children into the wedding ceremony:

  1. Ask the children to stand and recite a poem at a specific point of the ceremony. If you do this, make sure there is an evident queue so they know when it is their turn to speak.
  2. Have the children “give the bride away.” Single moms are often especially anxious to include their children in the wedding ceremony in a meaningful way, and this may be the most meaningful method out there. Instead of having the father guide the bride down the aisle, have the children walk their mother down the aisle toward the man that will step in to be their step-father. This can go the other way too, with the children walking their single father down the aisle to meet his bride.
  3. Bring in a special performance and allow them to sing, dance or showcase another talent. This is also a great way to incorporate special time with the children prior to the wedding, as they will need to rehearse while you’re in the midst of wedding planning.
  4. Ask the children to hand out programs. This gives them a reason to be on their feet and talking to people, which is what kids love to do.
  5. A lot of brides are moving away from throwing rice and flowers at the end of the wedding ceremony as so many venues don’t appreciate the mess. Bubbles are a great alternative, and kids happen to be experts at playing with bubbles. Make it their job to really get your guests into the bubbles so that the entire venue is filled with them at the end of the ceremony.
  6. Make the children junior-photographers. If you want to see your own wedding through the eyes of a child, then this might be a fun activity. Give each child their own disposable cameras to use. Instruct them to take as many beautiful pictures as they can without causing disruptions to the ceremony or to your wedding guests. If you have several children there, you can even make this a little contest. Let them know the best pictures will win a prize.

The Family-Friendly Wedding

A wedding is so much more than an elaborate ceremony. It’s a chance to unite two families into one. It’s an opportunity for members of each family to get to know one another and share in the joy of the nuptials between two people in love. When the bride and groom have children of their own, the wedding becomes an especially important event to symbolize the harmony of the two independent families.

The traditional wedding ceremony isn’t necessarily the ideal place for kids. There are usually glass plates that might fall, champagne glasses that can easily tip, and a cake that costs almost as much as the wedding gown. Without something special to do, kids can easily get underfoot and bored—and for this reason many people choose to make their weddings an adult-only affair. But this isn’t an option when it comes to children of the bride and groom. Instead, many wedding planners take the event in a different direction and incorporate special roles and activities into the heart of the festivities that will give the children something meaningful to do.

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