6 Beautiful Outdoor Settings for Warm Weather Weddings

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6 Great SettingsIndoor weddings may provide the luxury of climate control, but there’s nothing like a beautiful outdoor setting to pique your romantic sensibilities. Of course, finding a setting in warm weather that accommodates guests, flowers, food, and refreshments without adding unneeded stress is a feat on its own! Fortunately for brides with an ambitious setting in mind, there are some excellent options that will compliment your decor and your dreams with equal ease.

Romantic Beach Setting

Imagine the gentle sound of waves crashing against the sand. Imagine the picture-perfect background of the sun setting over the ocean while the bride and groom are saying their vows.

The beach is a romantic outdoor setting that is perfect for a warm weather wedding. The water near the ocean can help keep the temperatures down, which is beneficial when your guests are worried about the possibility of overheating in the middle of the warm weather.

Use seashells and beach-themed decorations instead of flowers to create an ambient feeling without the risk of wilting. Keep your wedding designs simple to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and the sand. Have your wedding at sunset for stunning and memorable pictures or enjoy your wedding in the middle of the day for the best image of the water.

Wooded Background

Are you planning a fairytale wedding? Then a forest background may be an ideal place to have your warm weather wedding.

Use the natural backdrop of trees and plants to create a romantic setting. Place guests in a clearing so that the trees, flowers and plants create a picture-perfect image behind the bride and groom.

Wedding planners on a budget can make use of natural clearings and forests in public areas to reduce the cost of the wedding without removing the fairytale elements that make it stand out from other ceremonies. Add a few flowers or small lights to the trees to further enhance the fairytale impact of the natural setting. A forest in the background will create a wild, natural and rugged feel that can be enhanced or adjusted based on your preferences.

The Garden Wedding

Want a garden that is more controlled and subdued? A garden wedding may be the perfect place to enjoy something beautiful and carefully crafted.

Set up the ceremony so that it takes place on the lawn or open area. The bride and groom can stand in front of rose bushes, a fountain or other decorative elements of the garden to take the most advantage of the carefully crafted plant-life.

A key benefit of a garden wedding is that it offers flowers, trees and other plants that are carefully tended and controlled for a beautiful appearance without distracting from the bride and groom. It also allows the decorations to include beautiful flowers and designs that are suitable to an outdoor garden setting.

Big City Backdrop

Beautiful natural surroundings can be found in some of the most unlikely places, like the loft of a building in the middle of a city. Enjoy the beauty of the warm weather and clear skies without taking the wedding too far outside of your comfort zone.

Imagine a bride and groom standing on top of a building with a background of the city skyline. The combination of modern and urban lifestyle with natural surroundings and the beauty of the weather can provide an interesting contrast for the wedding and the memories that will last for a lifetime.

The Lakeside Wedding

Are you struggling to decide between a garden wedding and a beach wedding? Why not get the best of both worlds by setting up your wedding by a lake? A wedding at a lake shore offers two benefits: you can take advantage of the natural plant-life and the clearing for a wedding reception that keeps your guests out of direct sunlight and you can enjoy the beauty of the water in the backgrounds of pictures and festivities.

Imagine the pictures that you will have for your wedding scrapbook when you combine the best of two outdoor settings into one harmonious wedding. The lake can offer a bit of sand and a beautiful water backdrop for your pictures or your wedding ceremony. A clearing or the wooded areas that surround the lake can provide that fairytale quality that makes your wedding a day to remember.

Enjoy the Night

Having your wedding in the middle of the day might make sense, but it does not always provide the setting and the image that you want for your special day. When you want to create a beautiful visual effect and enjoy an outdoor wedding that has fewer risks of sunburns, heat exhaustion or other problems that may arise in the middle of a hot day, why not place your wedding in an outdoor setting at night?

Make use of lanterns and small lights to illuminate your ceremony and provide a romantic quality that is only possible at night. Place candles on the table and line the aisle of chairs with tea-light candles for a romantic walk to your groom.

A wedding that takes place at night can be romantic, especially in a beautiful garden location or a stunning natural clearing. Line the trees and flowers with tiny lights to illuminate and highlight their natural beauty. Encourage your guests to enjoy an intimate meal during the reception with candle light on all of the tables. Add a touch of rugged design with lanterns that are hung from trees or placed above the tables.

An outdoor setting can be made into any design or style that you prefer for your wedding. Keep it simple by setting up on the beach so that you and your guests can enjoy the natural beauty. Make it romantic with a wooded background. Have your wedding at an unexpected time to take advantage of the natural light, or lack of light. No matter what creative spin you put on it, make your ceremony one to remember with these beautiful outdoor options.

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