25 Wedding Color Combinations You’ve Never Seen

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One of the first things—besides the wedding date—a newly engaged couple decides is their wedding colors. Color palettes are used everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the favors to the flowers to the decorations. Certain color combinations are very popular, so picking a unique combination can help your wedding stand out and give it a distinct feel. Consider this list of 25 color combinations when planning your special day.

  1. Pink, white, and red: Very romantic and perfect if your wedding is close to Valentine’s day.

  2. Magenta, orange, and yellow: Bright and vibrant springtime colors will make your wedding pop, evoking images of sorbet and whimsy.

  3. Lime green and lilac: Green and purple are commonly used, but lime green adds a twist to the ordinary. Very energetic!

  4. Champagne and chocolate: Just reading those colors sounds tasty! Together, these colors bring in an air of romance and femininity.

  5. Honeydew green and sweet pea pink: A modern wedding palette for sure and perfect for a light outdoor summer wedding. Integrates well with a vintage theme, too.

  6. Teal blue and cherry red: Two bright colors at the opposite end of the spectrum—one hot and one cold. Elegant and luscious.

  7. Emerald green, sapphire blue, and gold: Green and blue are also a common combination but choosing the more vibrant emerald and sapphire colors add pop and make your wedding memorable.

  8. Dusty rose, cornflower blue, and latte: All three are soft and light. Think white with a tinge of brown for the latte and cornflower is a blue version of the dusty rose. Vintage through and through.

  9. Rust, copper, and aqua: All three colors are hardly ever seen at weddings! The combo adds a sense of whimsy and play.

  10. Wine, mauve, and blush: Very feminine. This combo is basically the same color in different shades. Pairs beautifully with crystal and pearls.

  11. Black, pale green, and white: Black and white spell formal elegance. Adding the pop of a creamy pale green brings it up another notch. Ideal for formal weddings.

  12. Hot pink, orange, and purple: This color combo is perfect for low-key, all-fun weddings! All play from start to finish.

  13. Powder blue and plum: This blue is not a baby blue but rather a darker dusty blue. The plum acts as the perfect accent. Use a hydrangea as your inspiration.

  14. Chocolate, brown, and cream: Ideal fall colors that can also be extremely formal. Mix and match and don’t be afraid to use a host of other shades of brown.

  15. Gold and silver: Nothing says high class and fancy more than using precious metals as your color combo. Using different textures helps it look less monotone—think ruffles and tulle.

  16. Aqua, red, and tan: Perfect colors for a retro-themed wedding! They scream whimsey. Incorporate all kinds of fun, playful elements, such as cute signage and late-night treats.

  17. Kelly green, lime green, and cream: Using two like colors is a popular trend, but still very unique. Ideal for a spring wedding and very clean looking.

  18. Tangerine, orange, and yellow: Vibrant colors such as these can be overwhelming, so pair with lots of white and cream. A great pick if you want bright and energizing.

  19. Red, navy, and white: Sure, it can seem patriotic but this combo is perfect for summer. Consider using an off-white like eggshell and deep saturated reds and navies.

  20. Gunmetal, pewter, and silver: Using all-metal colors is a bold and modern choice. Use an array of gray shades to add shimmer or sheen.

  21. Turquoise, aqua, and mint: This combination is a great choice for a wedding by the sea or lake. Or, use it to bring the outdoors indoors.

  22. Purple, navy, and green: An after-dark wedding calls for dark colors. Use varying shades of each of the colors to add variety.

  23. Red, aqua, and yellow: These colors bring a fiesta vibe to your wedding! Great for outdoor summer weddings, too.

  24. Teal and orange: Perfect for beach weddings. Add sea shells and starfish to your decor  to tie in the seaside theme.

  25. Black, orange, and tan: Avoid the halloween look by using a dusty orange color and highlighting the tan. An ideal way to bring a pop of color to a fall wedding.

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